Mail  In  Form 2017 Season

  1. Use this form for ski membership. Please print this form and send to Pine Hill XC Ski Club/ Box 112/Wilmot, NH, 03287
  2. Trails will be open 9 am - 5:00 pm weekends and  10:00 am -5:00 pm weekdays --check on web conditions first!  Please bring personal cell phone on ski day for safety concerns. 
  3. Parking is at New London 220 Mt. Rd town staging area -- located 1/2 mile East (left) of junction of Shaker Rd and Mt. Rd. Note map
  4. Check trail conditions updates at our website Also check CALENDAR OF EVENTS.
  5. Members will receive Pine Hill ID stickers to be attached to ski pole.
  6. Daily use Non-season pass skiers fee: $15.  / Skiers 11-17 $5;  & Kids 10 yrs. & under Free with accompanied adult..  Trail Fee Box and Trail Map is located at the Trail Conditions Trail Board at the Parking Area.
  7. Snowshoe trail  use is $5 per day--8 km of Trails.. Kids under 10 yrs. free snowshoe trail use. Fees paid at Trailhead.   
  8. Pine Hill Ski Club is a registered non-profit in the State of N.H. but does not qualify for Fereral Tax write offs (501-3-Cs).
Fill in this form and send to : Pine Hill Ski Club, PO Box 112, Wilmot NH  03287/Questions 603-381-8685
Address City State ZIP
Other Family Members:  

Mail  to PINE HILL SKI CLUB;  POBox 112/Wilmot, NH 03287********

Season Donation Fee Ski Pass good for 7 days/week when Pine Hill Trails Open. Check on our web ski report to keep current with weather and snow conditions.

Season's Pass. Good 7 days per week. $130. 

Children 10 years AND UNDER are FREE in company of family member.    For JR. Ski SEASON Pass 11-13 years $ 35.00___ Ages 14- 18 years $70

CONTRIBUTION total _________________________.00

Skier Responsibility Release: "The purchaser and user of this ticket/pass of Pine Hill Ski Club assumes and understands that skiing is a hazardous sport, that bare spots, variation in snow and other hazards or obstacles exist within this ski area. In using this pass/ticket and skiing at the area, such dangers are recognized and accepted whether they are marked or un marked. The skier/snowshoer realizes that falls and collisions do occur and injuries may result and therefore assumes the burden of skiing snowshoeing under control at all times" RSA sect 225-A-24

Signed 1.____________________________________ Date_________

 #2______________________________Date_________#3_____________ _____          Date______________

Please PRINT and send to Pine Hill Ski Club, Inc., Box 112, Wilmot, NH 03287 Questions call 603-381-8685

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